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What will be accomplished in the workshopImplementation of a complete company from scratch, ie. from a fresh copy of the 000 client in SAP ERP. The industry has to be chosen by participants, having the primary processes being working in a way that an ongoing concern has been created a can be set up again with students and being continued. The workshop can also be transformed into a configuration course. 

What the participants will receive?
Instructions concerning master data, planning process data and process modeling, implementation and instructions about documenting; the book 'Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES' will be used to illustrate a complete ERP-process.  

As a agenda for the workshop we propose: 
Day 1:  Introduction to the workshop 
Working on the book chapter 
            Create the product and the organizational plans for the new company 

Day 2:  Finish chapter the completete ERP process in the book
            First customizing ERP and master data for new company
            Management meeting new company
            Presentation about business simulation at the HvA 

Day 3:  Test and document the processes per department
            Management meeting new company
            Presentation(s) on demand, for example companies at HvA

Day 4:  Integration test new company in ERP
            Complete the documentation

During the workshop we can give other short presentations / demonstrations in ERP and the use of SAP at the HvA. 

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